OPEX Slow strength 7/6/15

Posted: July 7, 2015 in WODs

warm up:
3×10 (10 is reps) dead bugs http://youtu.be/rbemelnkHag exhale!

3×10 side plank clamshell

3×10 meter bear crawl

2×10 meter walking lunge with trunk rotation – lunge forward, 90/90 so both legs at 90 degrees, rotate INTO flexed hip once and only once – do not rotate into the open hip

2×10 meter broad jump – standing still, jump as far forward as you can, once you hit 10 meters (2-3 jumps at most) turn around rest a minute or so and do again

2×5 box jump 20-24″ WITH step down
Just did 10 step downs, focusing on loading the posterior

A. Goblet RFESS @30×1; 6-8/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs
24kg, 28, 28, 28 all 8 reps
Right was easier than left leg.

B. CGBP Cluster @30×1; x4; Rest 2 minutes – “.” means rest 15-30 seconds
Was hard to keep my right shoulder retracted and tension in external rotation. Had to focus attention on not internally rotating and not pressing through my right side first. Got better as the rounds went on.

C. Side Plank clamshell w/ kb press; 5/side x4; Rest 60 seconds between sides – stay long! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrCFzncwsz8
Didn’t feel as hard as last week when you corrected my form. Focused on keeping my thigh at an angle though!
Didn’t do KB bottom up tho.

D. Deadbugs; 12 alternating reps x5; Rest 75 seconds – http://tonygentilcore.com/2013/10/deadbugs-the-what-why-and-how/
I like these

4 sets not for time:
12 HR push ups
5 rope climbs
50 DU

Was a longer training day but slow and steady.


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