OPEX 11/11/15

Posted: November 12, 2015 in WODs

Day 3
core work – 5 min
glute work – 5 min
A. Box Squat; 5×5; Rest 2:00 – same concept as last week 🙂
135#, 145#, 155#, 165#s. Still thought about hips back. Should I sit upright on the back at the bottom or keep hip angle of the squat?

B. Goblet Curtsy lunge; 4-6/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs
32kg x6, 36kg x6, 40kg x6s

C. Floor Press; 4-6×5; Rest 2 minutes – load it up, take it from the rack, this should be heavy, and the floor limits ROM but works on triceps and press out strength – translates to lots such as the muscle up, HSPU, etc.
85#x6, 105#x6s (x4 last 2 rounds)
Was wayyy harder doing bench on the floor from the rack than the bench. Couldn’t really activate my glutes or keep right shoulder retracted and my left arm was carrying 65% of the weight. Only did 4 reps the last 2 rounds bc my right upper trap was firing way too much.
Made my right shoulder feel achey 😦
This was not good.
100 push ups for time
every time you break you must complete 20 DU
– 12 minute time cap just in case 🙂
Only got 82. Up to 50 reps was ok then it was 2-3 reps at a time after that and the DUs killed my chances of finishing 😦
I die relatively quickly on push-ups.

Was an ok workout today. I liked the goblet curtsy lunges!


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