OPEX 11/18/15

Posted: November 19, 2015 in WODs

Sleep: 10.5 hrs (11:30pm-10am)
Motivation and Energy: motivation moderate. Energy low. Coming off of 2 days being sick so knew I needed to take it easy.
Stress: mod. Spent the last 2 days at home recovery so not high. Did landmark over the weekend and was very stressed.
Condition pre-workout: still a bit stuffy with low energy. Excited to move tho!
Condition post-workout: felt fatigued and stuffy but felt good to move finally 🙂

Day 1
core work – 5 minutes
glute work – 5 minutes
A. Band resisted deadlift with 60-70% of your 1RM deadlift; 8×3; Rest 90 seconds – same concept this week, 8 sets of 3 reps, just play w/ the weight so you can feel the speed
Tried 155# with the rogue green band (1 1/8″).
No go. Dropped to 125# (55%) with a smaller red band and I could maintain lumbar position but didn’t feel any speed 😦
Went up from there until I felt I couldn’t maintain lumbar position.
125#, 135#, 145# couldn’t maintain so stayed at 135# (60%). Not even sure I maintained it at 135#.
My DL may look ok but the mechanics or strength is off.

After the 4th set I dropped the band and went back up to 155# no band. Felt way better on my left low back.

B. Clean RDL @32×1 + HPC; 5.1 x4; Rest 2 minutes – nothing too nuts here, just feel good about it.
Kept it light at 105# and felt easy so did 115# and felt good.

C1. KB swing 1.5 pood; 15,15,15,15; Rest 60 seconds – russian only, you pick weight, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYHbu2LRqD0
You put 1.5 poop so I stuck w that 🙂
Focused on glutes right.

C2. CGBP @32×1 cluster; 3.2.1 x4; Rest 2 minutes
105#, 110#. Slight tension and ache in right neck. Still not sure why I’m doing so much bench when every time my right neck/shoulder aches after??!
Ring Push ups w/ feet elevated
Strict Pull up
12:57. Was very slow going today. Body was very fatigued. Definitely got my right upper trap mad.

Kept the weights moderate today since I wasn’t feeling great still. Got through the workout without getting mad at myself 🙂


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