OPEX 11/19/15

Posted: November 19, 2015 in WODs

Sleep: NOT good. 10:30-6:30am but felt wired the whole night and kept waking up and had a really hard time falling asleep. Got a quick nap in 9:30-10:30am. Dave had this too. Not sure what triggered us. No abnormal caffeine or food.
Motivation and energy: high motivation. Low-moderate energy as I’m still congested and slept horribly.
Stress: feeling positive today and like my tasks are manageable. Moderate stress. Smiling while working out.
Condition pre-workout: congested still and but was excited to move!
Condition post-workout: more energized than when I began. Definitely more in the tank but grateful for a light day since I’m still recovering. R upper trap was a little achey.

Day 2
core work – 5 minutes
glute work – 5 minutes
A. FS @32×1; 2-4×3; Rest 2 minutes – lmk how you feel here, very slow tempo, but don’t be scared to get a bit heavy with it – also LMK what results come back as for your lab tests
105#x4, 110#x4, 115#x3. Felt ok 🙂
1/2 coming up is my sticky point. Doesn’t feel like it’s working my posterior chain as much as 4040 last week x6. No back discomfort tho 🙂
Did left adductor activation before.
Dave said my chest was not upright enough and need to work on knees out to get good depth. I’m a little shy w these right now. Building confidence again.

B1. DB 3 point row; 3-5/arm x4; Rest 60 seconds
35#x5, 40#x5, 45#x5s
LOVE these!! Felt great on my shoulders and no trap tension!!! 🙂
More please 🙂 Tempo? 🙂

B2. Bear Crawl; 10 meters @ very slow pace x4; Rest 2 minutes
Felt awkward. Haven’t done these in a while. Felt the left leg/right arm weakness and R upper trap activation.
21 minutes @ 80%
400 meter jog
5 wall walks
50 DU
2 alt. TGU 35# – slow, deliberate movement

4 rounds


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