OPEX 11/23/15

Posted: November 24, 2015 in WODs

Sleep: 10:45-7:15am (8.5hrs)
Stress: stress from lack of sleep but not too high.
Condition pre-workout: really tired. Haven’t gotten enough sleep for 5 days in a row bc of travel and seminars. Sleeping in tomorrow!!!!!!
Condition post-workout: really really tired. Body didn’t have much to give today so glad it was a relatively easy day.

Day 1
core work – 5 minutes
glute work – 5 minutes
A. Band resisted deadlift with 50% of your 1RM deadlift; 8×3; Rest 90 seconds – let’s see how this one works πŸ™‚
125# w small blue band felt ok. Slight discomfort in left low back brining the weight back to the floor each rep 😦
Focused on bracing core.

B. HPC – just play with this for 15 minutes, technique work, nothing crazy

C. KB swing 1.5 pood; 15,15,15,15; Rest 60 seconds

D. Bear Crawl; 15 meters x5; Rest 2 minutes – slow and steady
For time:
50 DU
40 kb russian step ups 18″ box – 35# per hand – 20 per leg, alt. legs per rep
30 push ups
20 cal row
8:14. Step ups were in sets of 10, push-ups in 5s. Equipment got moved so took some time to set up during workout.


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