OPEX 11/25/15

Posted: December 1, 2015 in WODs

Sleep: 9:30-8:15 (10.75hrs). Woke up feeling almost rested 🙂
Motivation and energy: low- moderate.
Stress: moderate.
Condition pre-workout: felt ok. Still fairly low energy.
Condition post-workout: arms felt like dead weights and felt pretty worked. Feels like my strength and stamina are pretty low these days. Hoping that by putting in the work and taking care of myself I’ll get both back 🙂

Day 3
core work – 5 min
glute work – 5 min
A. Box Squat; 3-5×5; Rest 2 minutes – get your hips back, vertical shins, no excessive lordosis…you’re going to probably want to feel arched to stabilize, avoid that if you can and focus on your “brace”
85#x5, 115#x5, 135#x5, 145×5, 155×5
Most uncomfortable part was my right shoulder/ neck as it lacks active external rotation so holding the barbell on my should didn’t feel good.
Hips felt ok but could feel left side wasn’t engaging as much as right 😦
By 4th set left low back was uncomfortable.

B. DB Curtsy lunge; 8-10/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs
35#DBs per arm x10, 40#s x10, 45#s x10, 50#s x10
Wasn’t sure how you wanted the DBs. Did farmer’s carry position. Felt ok

C. DB 1-arm Floor press with bridge @11×5; 5-7/side x4; Rest 90 seconds between sides
35#x7, 40#x7, 45#x7s
DB felt better than barbell!
4 sets
40 cal row
30 push ups
15 ring rows
Rest 3:00
1. 4:34
2. 5:02
3. Don’t know time
4. 5:59

Arms fatigued quickly. Good sets tho


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