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20-30mins Z1 run fasted out of bed 
3.06 miles, 10’11” average pace. 31:11 
A. push press @12X1; 2. 2. 2; rest 10sec/ rest 3mins x3
95#, 97.5#, 100#
Felt heavy and worked to engage glutes as much as possible. Felt like my explosivity came mostly from knee extension though. 
B. clean and jerk tech work build to moderate single perfect form 
Worked up to 115#. Jerk was easy. PC was harder. Feel like my grip width is limited by lack of external rotation. Need more specifics in my programming. Wasn’t sure where to go with this one. 
C. 3 sets 
1min max CTB chin ups unbroken sets of 2 only 
rest 3mins 
6, 10, 2
2nd round was my best. Got more than doubles than ever before. Was frustrating though bc the other rounds did not feel good. Inconsistent. 
Row 30sec 90% effort 
rest walk 30sec x 8 
all rows consistent average time 
1:50, 1:50, 1:52, 1:49, 1:50, 1:50, 1:49, 1:51
7-5-3 reps for time
Ring dips
Close grip push-ups
Fast body weight WOD felt good. Last 3 push-ups were hard though. Arms felt like dead weights haha.
EMOM 10 1.5 pood KBs x 3
Good challenge. I like it!