OPEX 11/18/15

Posted: November 19, 2015 in WODs

Sleep: 10.5 hrs (11:30pm-10am)
Motivation and Energy: motivation moderate. Energy low. Coming off of 2 days being sick so knew I needed to take it easy.
Stress: mod. Spent the last 2 days at home recovery so not high. Did landmark over the weekend and was very stressed.
Condition pre-workout: still a bit stuffy with low energy. Excited to move tho!
Condition post-workout: felt fatigued and stuffy but felt good to move finally 🙂

Day 1
core work – 5 minutes
glute work – 5 minutes
A. Band resisted deadlift with 60-70% of your 1RM deadlift; 8×3; Rest 90 seconds – same concept this week, 8 sets of 3 reps, just play w/ the weight so you can feel the speed
Tried 155# with the rogue green band (1 1/8″).
No go. Dropped to 125# (55%) with a smaller red band and I could maintain lumbar position but didn’t feel any speed 😦
Went up from there until I felt I couldn’t maintain lumbar position.
125#, 135#, 145# couldn’t maintain so stayed at 135# (60%). Not even sure I maintained it at 135#.
My DL may look ok but the mechanics or strength is off.

After the 4th set I dropped the band and went back up to 155# no band. Felt way better on my left low back.

B. Clean RDL @32×1 + HPC; 5.1 x4; Rest 2 minutes – nothing too nuts here, just feel good about it.
Kept it light at 105# and felt easy so did 115# and felt good.

C1. KB swing 1.5 pood; 15,15,15,15; Rest 60 seconds – russian only, you pick weight, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYHbu2LRqD0
You put 1.5 poop so I stuck w that 🙂
Focused on glutes right.

C2. CGBP @32×1 cluster; 3.2.1 x4; Rest 2 minutes
105#, 110#. Slight tension and ache in right neck. Still not sure why I’m doing so much bench when every time my right neck/shoulder aches after??!
Ring Push ups w/ feet elevated
Strict Pull up
12:57. Was very slow going today. Body was very fatigued. Definitely got my right upper trap mad.

Kept the weights moderate today since I wasn’t feeling great still. Got through the workout without getting mad at myself 🙂


OPEX 11/12/15

Posted: November 13, 2015 in WODs

Sleep: 9.5 hrs (11pm-8:30am)
Motivation and Energy: 6ish. Was an easy workout so didn’t have to bring much to the table.
Stress: mod-high. Did a lot of business planning today. Felt pretty overwhelmed at times.
Condition pre-workout: good
Condition post-workout: good w slight right neck and shoulder tension. Easy workout today so energy to spare. Did some Pilates after as well as mobility. Working the posterior capsule made a big difference in my right shoulder.

Day 4
10 sets
45 second row
45 second plank
45 second single unders
45 second assault bike
45 second rest

OPEX 11/11/15

Posted: November 12, 2015 in WODs

Day 3
core work – 5 min
glute work – 5 min
A. Box Squat; 5×5; Rest 2:00 – same concept as last week 🙂
135#, 145#, 155#, 165#s. Still thought about hips back. Should I sit upright on the back at the bottom or keep hip angle of the squat?

B. Goblet Curtsy lunge; 4-6/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs
32kg x6, 36kg x6, 40kg x6s

C. Floor Press; 4-6×5; Rest 2 minutes – load it up, take it from the rack, this should be heavy, and the floor limits ROM but works on triceps and press out strength – translates to lots such as the muscle up, HSPU, etc.
85#x6, 105#x6s (x4 last 2 rounds)
Was wayyy harder doing bench on the floor from the rack than the bench. Couldn’t really activate my glutes or keep right shoulder retracted and my left arm was carrying 65% of the weight. Only did 4 reps the last 2 rounds bc my right upper trap was firing way too much.
Made my right shoulder feel achey 😦
This was not good.
100 push ups for time
every time you break you must complete 20 DU
– 12 minute time cap just in case 🙂
Only got 82. Up to 50 reps was ok then it was 2-3 reps at a time after that and the DUs killed my chances of finishing 😦
I die relatively quickly on push-ups.

Was an ok workout today. I liked the goblet curtsy lunges!

OPEX 11/10/15

Posted: November 10, 2015 in WODs

Day 2
core work – 5 minutes
glute work – 5 minutes
A. FS @4040; 4-6×3; Rest 2 minutes – lmk how you feel here, very slow tempo, but don’t be scared to get a bit heavy with it – also LMK what results come back as for your lab tests
85#x6, 95#x6, 105#x4. Part mentally gave up so went again and got 105#x6. With more food before this workout I think I could have gone heavier 🙂
Felt ok! Did left adductor activations right before. Was able to keep tension in left glute the whole time! Can feel my lower core is stronger and can stabilize better now 🙂 Feeling hopeful 🙂

B. Side Plank clamshells; 4×10; Rest as needed
Did :02 pause @ top. Felt them but would like a more challenging variation please 🙂
21 minutes @ 80%
500 meter row
12 push ups
6 ring rows w/ feet elevated (18″)
30 DU
5+ 220m row
Was pretty solid movement. The ring rows slowed me down bc my elevation was a lot at 18″… Should have done 8-12″ I think.
Felt some tension I. My right neck/ shoulder but not enough to make me stop.
Was in a good positive mood today 🙂

OPEX 11/9/15

Posted: November 9, 2015 in WODs

Day 1
core work – 5 minutes
glute work – 5 minutes
A. Band resisted deadlift with 75% of your 1RM deadlift; 8×3; Rest 90 seconds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6xPIZC6lhM – focus on speed off the ground, DO NOT touch and go
170#. Pulling the rep through to the top was hard to keep me back in position. Felt like I was rounding near the top. Had Dave watch and he agreed so I scrapped the band after round 3. Didn’t feel like I could pull explosively 😦
I think I’ve lost a TON of my DL strength. Doubt 225# is my max now a days 😦
No band felt OK. Felt good to DL after so long.

B. Segmented Clean deadlift + Power Clean; 5.1 x4; Rest 2 minutes – moderate load, somewhere between 60-70% of 1RM

C1. RDL @32×1; 3-5×4; Rest 60 seconds
C2. CGBP @4040 cluster; 3.3.3 x4; Rest 2 minutes
21-15-9 reps for time of:
DB walking lunges – moderate load, you pick the weight, should grind you a bit but nothing fast
Calorie Row
Did 25#KBs no DBs where I was dropping in – probably should have gone heavier :P. Felt good to burn the quads tho 🙂

OPEX 11/7/15

Posted: November 7, 2015 in WODs

8 sets
60 second row
60 second plank
60 second single unders
60 second jog
60 second walk

Was fine. Pushed the row a bit to get some sweat. Overall just easy movement for 40min.

OPEX 11/5/15

Posted: November 7, 2015 in WODs

Day 3
core work – 5 min
glute work – 5 min
A. Box Squat; 3×3; Rest 2 minutes – 20″ box, moderate load, HIPS BACK
Did 135# then went to 145#. Had Dave make sure I was getting my hips back! Felt fine 🙂

B. Goblet reverse lunge; 4-6×4; Rest 90 seconds between legs

C. Floor Press; 3×3; Rest 90 seconds
115#. Felt awkward and yet not that hard. Would appreciate some technique points here. Not sure what the point is so not sure what to focus on. ????
20 minute row
every 5 minutes complete 2 tgu – 1 per hand, you pick load (did 24kg- wanted to go lighter for my right shoulder. It was fine)

Had a hard time mentally with this workout. Really didn’t want to do it. Wasn’t hard… I just didn’t feel motivated. It was weird. Got frustrated w myself. That’s been happening more recently… I know I really like to push hard and when my programming doesn’t allow that I feel lost.